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Ubi Caritas                          Ola Gjeilo
The Battle of Jericho          arr. Marshall Bartholomew
Steal Away                         arr. Marshall Bartholomew
Little Lamb                         arr. Marshall Bartholomew

The Lamb                          John Tavener
Beati Mortui                       Felix Mendelssohn
Cantate Domino                 Giuseppe Pitoni

Seigneur je vous en prie    Francis Poulenc
Ave Maris Stella                Diane Loomer
Oche Nash                        Nikolai Kedrov Sr.

Linden Lea                        arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
Oh Little Green Lane         arr. Samuel E Lovatt
She Moved Through          arr. Timothy Talach

the Fair

Across the Line                 David Hamilton
A long time ago                 David Hamilton
Swansea Town                  arr. Parker & Shaw

Coney Island                     arr. Julien Neel
Evaline                              arr. A. E. Hall
Hold on to the Rock           Pepper Choplin

Benediction                       Peter Lutkin (arr. Thomson)

Four in a Bar


Monday 22nd November
at 1.00pm


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Four in a Bar

Four in a Bar is a group of four 'a cappella' singers, you probably guessed that from their title.You might think the name is a witty take on beats in a musical bar. No such luck. The name is reflective of their habits. Benjamin Franklin is alleged to have remarked that  “Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions“ Wise man. With the aid of wine the rehearsals of 4 in a Bar are easy, unhurried and tension free .  


All four have a strong background in Opera or sacred choral music or both, all have been singing for many years in a variety of different chamber choirs and choral societies and continue to do so. However 4 in a Bar sings  only for the  joy  of singing, no agenda, no wish to do other than enjoy making music. As a result their  audiences seem to enjoy their music  as well.

As a group they sing when invited to do so, usually for fund raising events, Samaritans and the repair of various churches have been beneficiaries (though they have performed choral evensongs and Christmas concerts). They have sung in venues from Herstmonceux Castle Ballroom to Sussex and Cotswold churches. Last year they were asked to sing in South Stoke, near Bath, to raise money for roof repair. They have sung at christenings, weddings and funerals, on boats on the Thames, in rented houses in Ireland.


Their music will range from a Schubert Mass to chart hits, from Tallis to Tavener, Geilo to Galloway ( don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him) along the way will be the odd spiritual and sea shanty. 


Never mind any of this, they sing and wait to be invited back, they usually are. They will entertain you and you will leave  having enjoyed the concert.